libtconv-0.1 manual
void tconv_set_oenc(tconv *tcP, const char *oEncP);
declared in tconv.h, include tconv.h

tcP handle for an existing tconv instance,
oEncP location of valid C locale, optional, defaults to NULL.

Function takes new output character set encoding to be used in future tasks. It does not validate whether it is valid for given operating system or not. It can be used in cases when converting between many different character formats with use of a single tconv instance or when the tconv instance was created without initial encoding provided. The string for oEncP must be a valid C locale (LC_CTYPE) for the operating system, where this library is about to be used.

There is no value returned.

/* C source */

#include "tconv.h"

void main(){
  tconv *tcP;

  tcP = tconv_init(NULL,NULL);
  /* no encoding set */

  tconv_set_oenc(tcP, "en_US.iso_8859-1");
  /* do some output-encoding based job */

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