libtconv-0.1 manual
License agreement

                               TCONV LIBRARY
                             License Agreement


     The software module named 'tconv' ('libtconv'), block of code designed
     to replace character encoding of computer text messages, from one set to

     So called 'Work In Progress' or ready for use 'Software Package',
     implementing any of internals, provided by the Library. The linking method
     used does not matter (static, shared), all solutions apply.

     The author and owner of the Library (TinyIT).

     Software vendor, an individual or a company who connects the Library with
     at least one of owned Products.

     Electronic or paper version of this document.


   1. Possessing a signed copy of this document is a proof of purchase.

   2. Fully functional release of the Library is shipped in binary form
   only, free of charge or any kind of additional fees.

   3. License is issued for a single individual Licensee, who is granted
   a non-exclusive right to use this software module for unlimited period of
   time, in the development phase and distribution of owned Products, as
   an integral part of owned Products. Entire or any part of the Library may
   not be redistributed in any way, separately from the Products.

   4. There is no dual licensing for a single/multiple user, seats, computers
   or number of processors used.
   For development and testing, the Licensee may copy it on any number of
   storage devices which is the legal owner of.

   5. The software package is under constant development and errors might
   arise. The Licensor obligates himself to correct any inoperative parts of
   code as soon as possible and if possible, after receiving an issue report.
   The Licensee has a right to download updates from the project's website
   and use the updated software on the terms of this license.
   Though tests are made before each release, the Licensee is using this
   software at own risk.

   6. Neither the author nor the agents of the author will be liable for data
   loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using or
   misusing this software. The Licensee and users of the Product are held
   responsible for any kind of backup copies needed to keep the Product operate

   7. If the Licensee buys the Library source code, The individual/company
   becomes the user, not the owner of it.
   The source code is an intelectual property of the Licensor and can not be
   distributed based on this license!
   Except copyright notices or any indicated trademarks, the source code can be
   freely modified and further compiled to the resulting binary modules, with
   use of C/C++ compilers available. Such modified binary modules can be
   linked with the Product and further distributed, as long as the Product
   functionally depends on them.

   8. The Licensee is prohibited to rent, lease, re-sell, sub-license the
   Library, or any subset of it.
   Any such unauthorized actions result in immediate and automatic termination
   of this License and might also lead to civil and/or criminal prosecution.

   9. All rights to the Library not mentioned in this License are exclusively
   owned by the Licensor.
Copyright 2015 TinyIT All rights reserved
Last modified 2015-06-04