libtconv-0.1 manual
tconv * tconv_init(const char *iEncP, const char *oEncP);
declared in tconv.h, include tconv.h

iEncP input character set encoding,
oEncP output character set encoding.

Constructor. Function returns a handle for the new instance of tconv or NULL, when it fails to allocate memory. When iEncP or oEncP were provided as NULL-pointers, both can be updated later on, with use of tconv_set_ienc and tconv_set_oenc functions.

NOTE: The function does not test whether provided encoding strings are valid or not. It simply stores the pointers for future use.

/* C source */

#include "tconv.h"

void main(){
  tconv *tcP;

  tcP = tconv_init("pl_PL.utf8", "pl_PL.iso_8859-2");

  /* more code here */


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